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Starting Out with Digital Signage

Newbies guide to digital signage.

Taking the first step is always the hardest, but starting out with digital signage is a huge leap forward for promoting your business or product. Digital signage comes in many formats, with many different names and references, so understanding the concept is important to get the best out of it. Basically, it is a form of electronic communication, displaying a message which takes the place of a traditional form of advertising or broadcasting. Understanding how to meet the needs of a business is challenging, yet digital signage is flexible and adaptable to provide a winning combination.

Understanding the Principles of Digital Signage.

To make the most of a digital signage system a few key points are needed;

  • Who is the target audience
  • How to maximise the unique features of digital signage
  • The demands of digital signage
  • Research case studies for your specific needs
  • Questions to ask the hardware and software provider
  • Analyzing data statistics – audience awareness
  • What message do you want to get across – an advertisement or information?

Also consider where the screen is to be located – are there any planning restrictions? Indoors or outdoors?

Theft, vandalism or damage.

Whether the digital signage screens are indoors or outside, a certain degree of protection is paramount – just how far you go to protect your investment is an unknown quantity. There are specific products on the market to alleviate most security risks which damage the screen or the hardware. The weather is a contributing factor when positioning a screen outdoors. Restaurants and hotels are prime examples of displaying their wares outside; where the wind, rain, extremes of heat and cold weather affect the performance and the life of the electronic devices. Thermostatically controlled heaters and coolers remedy the temperature problem, whilst a secure enclosure protects against unwarranted intrusion, and is sealed to prevent damaging particles like dust or moisture.

Which digital signage screen to choose?

digital signage kioskIt all depends for what purpose the digital signage will be used. A domestic television screen is NOT suitable. It can not be rotated to a portrait style and is not rugged enough to withstand constant use. Also the connectivity is far more limited than that of a specific digital signage screen – intended for the job in question. Don’t be tempted to purchase a domestic screen – it is false economy. A screen is measured in inches, on the diagonal – from top left corner to bottom right corner (or opposite) and comes in a variety of screen sizes. Audio can be incorporated into the hardware or even a touch screen option can add another dimension to attract customers.

Attracting your audience.

People are expecting to see digital signage, even if it is a basic starting point within the world of electronic devices. We use them in our every day lives like at the ATM, grocery stores and doctors offices, where our data is used to collect demographic statistics, which, in turn, leads to a dedicated advertising campaign. Brand awareness is key to a successful advertising promotion.

There is nothing scary about deploying digital signage; the price is comparable to other forms of advertising and is easy to use and install – give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how successful it is.

Use these tips to build a successful digital signage empire.

ProEnc Projector Enclosures For Projector Protection 24×7

ProEnc projector enclosures.

A company has just developed a protective housing called the ProEnc projector enclosure, these protective enclosures provide all the vital protection and more a projector needs when used anyplace other than in an office or classroom.

projector protection


ProEnc is owned by 2 people who both have a vast range of experience in the digital signage market, they were one of the very first to manufacture an outdoor flat panel enclosure, now you see these everywhere and the product allowed anyone to use digital signage for the first time, providing an affordable entry level solution, that was previously an expensive industry to break into.

The owners used their 25+ years manufacturing experience to create a weatherproof solution that has everything needed to protect the projector. So let us look at the main issues a projector has.

Projector issues.

The bulbs are easily damaged and rather costly to replace, they can blow a bulb just with the temperature walling or rising quickly.

The projector hardware has always given off a lot of heat.

ProEnc Projector Enclosures answered the issues.

The steel housing has both a complex cooling and heating system that is thermostatically controlled, so the user when they are installing the housing can set the temperatures for when they want the housing to cool or heat up. This prevents the bulb blowing and ensures the projector works uninterrupted for years, way beyond the manufacturers predicted life span.

They even offer an air conditioning unit that can be controlled using a cell phone, if an error occurs such as a power outage, the engine can manage the projector through an app!

The ProEnc projector enclosures also feature an internal shelf for the projector, underneath the shelf, media players or small factor PCs can be accommodated to store the digital signage content.

The content can be remotely updated using a cellular dongle when plugged into the media player, so content can be updated using the internet. As long as there is a cellular signal you can update content anyplace.

The waterproof/weatherproof design keeps the hardware dry inside, preventing water entering the projector enclosure. Many manufacturers are reluctant to put waterproof to a product, buy ProEnc have submitted their product to rigorous testing using high pressure waters jets and had an independent test proving the nit is NEXA 4X.

Security for the ProEnc projector enclosures was something else.

ProEnc projector enclosures

ProEnc have used high security locks with concealed hinges, the concealed hinges allows the access door to be completely removed for regular maintenance if needed, such as firmware updates. Without the high security key, access to the hardware is almost impossible. The projector housing has a viewing window that is made from ¼” thick material that is virtually unbreakable, so even if someone took a pop shot at the projector it would remain safe.


No need to drill the housing, as this will invalidate the warranty and may cause water ingress, so the most effective way it use mounting rails, that mount below and above the ProEnc projector enclosures to provide a safe and secure mounting solution.

If you are thinking about deploying a projector outdoors, also consider ProEnc projector enclosures.

Digital Signage Market Advancements For 2015.

Digital signage in 2015.

Who knows what the digital signage market will have in store in the next 6 months, will we see more interaction? Or will see more augmented reliability? One thing is for sure, the electronic signage industry will not slow down says

Interactive digital signage.

We have seen the need for more users off digital signage hardware to interact with their audience, this is why interactive or touch screen advertising has been so successful in 2014, with almost every type of organization investing in touch screen digital signage hardware. We have seen a wide growth in the banking sector who has invested heavily in Europe, America and even Dubai.

Owners of electronic signage see the benefits of interactive digital signage solutions and the increase in business that this technology brings to their business. Giving them the ability, to either test a product, customize it before releasing the completed product or service to the global network.

Indoor, outdoor and mobile video Walls.

In 2013 we saw a slight rise in LED video wall usage, this become one of the most noticeable industries for 2014 with 2015 to only increase. We have seen inquiries from sports events for mobile video walls for the Harlem Globe Trotters, to putting a sunlight bright video wall on a bus for local tourist adverts.

digital signage video wallWe have seen it installed indoors and out, with the only difference being the P size of the panels and how bright the displays are. This all impacts on the screens with more and more custom applications been deployed. It seems that LED video walls are another sector of growth in the digital signage industry in 2015 and one not to be missed.

Cloud based digital signage.

With questions about the iCloud with recent private images of celebrities being posted for everyone to see, people have been cautious with this kind of hardware. Yet, it is one of the most secure as you own your own cloud server! So unless you give the password and access details out, you content is secure.

This allows business owners to deploy electronic and digital signage hardware in places that would have been overlooked before, due to lack or local resources in the deployment area. With screens varying in size from 26” to 65” the price is actually less than some USB digital poster solutions on the market.

Projector mapping?

Well this seems to be a new solution, using a flat panel display at the rear of the solution, say a case, with the main content being displayed on the front of the case using a projector. Now with 4K projectors being released, this sector is sure one to watch in the next 6 to 12 months.

We even see more projectors being used for outdoor digital signage for bars and restaurants. It is used to promote events and special deals the establishment has to offer. This is another sector to keep an eye on!

Above are some ideas what we can expect during 2015 from the digital signage market.

Consider Digital Signage Hire And Rental For Increased Profits?

Learn what digital signage hire and rental can do for you.

Digital signage projects can require heavy investment, this is one of the reasons why digital signage hire and rental is growing. Digital signage hire allows customers to trial a solution before committing to a solution that might not be right.

Disadvantages of digital signage hire.

The main disadvantage of not owning the digital signage hardware is that it is not yours, yet the advantages far out weight this singular disadvantage, check them out!

Advantages of digital signage rental.

The main advantage is that you can try different types of hardware, so you get the right solution for you, your business and company. Without having to financially committing to them, this is the most expensive mistake that has happened in the previous years. Business owners purchased electronic signage and found that it did not do what they thought, so they do not develop the idea or solution.

Does not tie up your business finances – you are not tying up any of your company’s finances by purchasing the electronics outright and the digital signage hardware is not part of your assets!

Support – you get constant support, as the units are usually set up when delivered to site and taken down when the hire term has ended. The warranty on these products can be anything from 1 to 2 years, but getting an engineer to site can be a challenge, not if you are hiring the hardware!

Upgrade the digital signage – with hiring when the hire term comes to an end, you can trade the old digital sign in for a newer model, there are several companies offering this service, that specialize in digital signage hire.

What hardware is available for rental?

digital signage rentalThe most up to date and popular solutions are available, from wall mounted to floor standing solutions, solutions that can be updated using a flash drive or using the internet for remote access. As always, the screen size is important and the most common screen range is between 36” and 55”, any larger than this and the hire costs become restrictive.

wall mounted digital signage hire

Long or short hire term?

This will totally depend on your company’s situation; do they plan on attending regular trade shows? Will they be using the hardware in the reception area of the company? Then you have to find a company that offers the term that suits your business model. Shop around, to ensure you get the best pricing in the digital signage hire industry. Electronic signage rental is a new sector, as 99.9% of all digital signage suppliers want to sell the hardware and move on to the next project.
Look for a company that has years of digital signage experience and who are not frightened of providing information on how to update the content on the displays, as many digital advertising hardware resellers tend to put people off hiring, but hiring is way in which business owners can enter the digital signage industry without making expensive mistakes.

Dynamic advertising is here and is growing fast, are you going to be testing the market by using a digital signage hire company?

Top 5 tips for using interactive digital signage.

Interactive digital signage success.

When you think of interactive digital signage, shopping malls or a shopping environment spring to mind, yet there are many other opportunities for using interactive digital signage hardware, to increase brand awareness for your product and company.

interactive digital signage wall mount

Sectors who use interactive digital signage successfully.

There are many sectors that use digital signage, however we will look as the top 5, so you can consider the uses and if your business would benefit from this different way to engage and interactive with consumers and potential customers.

Doctors – on visiting the doctors are you asked to sign in with on an interactive screen? If so this informs the reception staff, so they know you have attended the scheduled appointment, as 4 in every 10 appoints are not kept by patients, this costs the medical sector millions $ every year.

Not only does it save medical staff time, it also makes the system streamlined, as the feed can be fed into the doctors rooms and when the doctor is free, they can press a key on their computer and this announces the patient. Now imagine if the facility had to be evacuated due to a fire? To ensure everyone had evacuated, a tablet could be used that is synchronized with the interactive digital signage server to cross reference against the people who have evacuated.

Churches are using interactive advertising kiosks, to interact with the congregation and the wider community. People can use the touch screen to see what is happening during that week of the religious calendar. With being on a networked platform, any fundraising can be updated in real time and even display charity giving cause’s examples – so the parishioners can see where their money is being spent.

Interactive kiosks are used in shopping malls, these mainly display the online catalog of the retailer, normally the retailer has constraints on what products they stock and no one site can ever stock every single item. So using their catalog, a customer can check the availability in store and if the product has to be ordered online, the facility is there to order it immediately and the product is them delivered to store for the customer to collect and pay for.

shopping mall interactive digital signageA unique use of touch screen advertising kiosks is at trade shows, the main point of attending a trade show is to show everyone in your industry what products you have and how good your company is. Using an interactive digital signage solution can increase customer bases, so you can market to them for years to come! Imagine using a QR code that takes them to a sign up page for your bi monthly product brochure, you can do this at the trade show and grow your client base.

A car dealership is a perfect example on how to use digital advertising that is interactive to show case the cars they have on the lot and the range of cars they have in the car network. People can search for color, price and make of vehicle to narrow down the search. This frees up the time of the staff at the dealership, to deal with customers who actually need help.

Now you know some uses, hopefully you can now pick a solution for your own business use and make your interactive digital signage success.

Differences Between Touch Screen Advertising Kiosks

Understanding touch screen advertising kiosks.

In this article, we shall compare the differences between touch screen advertising kiosks and how to select the right one for your purpose.

Digital signage kiosks have one main function, which is to be the platform on which to broadcast an advertising campaign. Sellers in every sector are always looking for innovative ways to sell their products, trades, services or merchandise; advertising has always been one of the most effective ways to bring brand awareness to the forefront and directly aimed at the specific target audience. Kiosks are designed especially for public areas, with high grade composite parts which can withstand the rigorous demands of the general public, yet modeled within a sleek and attractive outer body for protection. Touch screen capability is one key component which makes the floor standing kiosks suitable for such applications.

The screen, which is an integral part of the whole package can be a single screen, dual sided, in large format Plasma or LCD or LED; which ever suits your needs and environment.

3 types of touch screen advertising kiosks.

A Capacitive Touch Screen offers several options within its parameters. From the thickness of the screen glass, to the finish surface which can be ‘anti-glare’ – suitable for high sun bright areas, i.e. an information kiosk positioned in a very bright hotel lobby.

The usual way the touch screen is used is by the finger, a stylus or capacitive touch pen. The screen and housing unit are robust enough to cope with a standard cleaning regime, using water, an alcohol based cleaner and non-abrasive products. And are resistant to solvents, acids, and household chemicals – within reason! The life span of the digital signage kiosks is an economical method of advertising, with up to 250 million screen touches. That’s a lot of fingers! The kiosks are bolted to the floor and are stable and steady, whilst the viewing screen is clear and scratch-proof.

Infra-red technology is ideal for public locations, where a finger, pen, stylus or even a hand in a glove can be used as a pointing device. The screen only needs a light touch as the infra-red is sensitive, but the advantage over a capacitive screen is the increased durability. A multi-touch application with infra-red, allows for images to be manipulated, zoomed in or out as we are familiar with tablet or smart-phone devices. As the kiosk is a fixed piece of street or mall furniture, it can be set for operational times to suit the environment, so the 24/7 timer can be set, which saves time, money and importantly wasted energy.

SAW or surface acoustic wave touch screens are a suitable alternative for many applications where touch screens work best, because they only need a light touch, with accuracy. These can be commonly found in ticket machines, gaming consoles and way-finding applications. SAW works on ultrasonic waves passing over the touch screen panel on a grid basis with an X and Y axis. As the continuous wave is broken, the processor registers the position and converts the information into an image or text. It is one of the more technical formats of touch screen technology, but works well and is still developing.

Below is a basic comparison between infra-red, surface acoustic wave and capacitive touch screens;

touch screen advertising kiosksAnd each multi touch screen features;

features of touch screen advertising kiosksAccreditation to; for the comparison table information.

Now you know about the 3 types of touch screens, you can now fully understand how touch screen advertising kiosks work.

How To Use Time Warping To Increase Profits

Discover time warping for your business.

Have you ever stood, impatiently in a queue; where digital signage for ‘time warping’ (to increase profits) would be ideal to pass the time?

It’s not only for entertaining the customers, as they wait to be served, but is a fantastic tool for additional sales and increased revenue. It attracts consumers captive attention and influences impulse purchases. As foot traffic is high, thousands of pairs of eyes are on your ad campaign. Dynamic graphics and comprehensive content are aspects of the package the public are expecting from a professional media presentation. But not only is the software important, the hardware too; screen or video wall, are the platform for conveying the advert. A sleek modern, thin bezel screen is visually appealing to the eye and captures the attention of passing trade.

The term ‘time warping’ refers to the wait time perceived by customers. Not only is the customers attention diverted from the frustration of a slow moving line, but they are also influenced by products and services dancing across the screen. Reminding shoppers of a well-known brand, with the logo and associated colors and quotes, is a sure way of persuasive advertising. We frequently come across these digital signage screens in sports bars, airports, stadiums and shopping malls, but little do we realize they are they key to bringing in millions of dollars in revenue from the advertising. Digital signage has improved and is maturing as the industry evolves; with bigger screens, high definition and intense colors , which is even more eye-catching.

Time warping for business marketing.

Playing to the human senses with imaginary, appeals to all 5 senses and is known to heighten taste, through pictures and images, so customer can make an informed choice for a meal from a selection of digital photographs or a video. Having this ‘entertainment’, whist queuing, makes the time stood in line seem much shorter than the actual time, because of the digital screens; this is time warping. An additional feature to be incorporated is a QR code – a quick response code. These are easily recognized by the square design, made up of squares. This is an electronic symbol which is viewed via a smart phone or cell phone (android or I.O.S.) where the software takes you to a particular website. Many business use this facility for promotional offers and special discount coupons, which can be redeemed at the point of sale, without the need for printing it off! Data is collected from the customer’s login details, including a date and time stamp, what the person ordered and how often they visit the restaurant or store. This is so that businesses can direct the special offers and discount coupons relevant to the consumer.

time warping using kiosks

Everything is electronic these days, from digital signage menu boards, touch screen ordering, to the card payment. So, next time you are in a fast food line, waiting to be served, look around and see what electronic devices are being deployed to tempt you into make additional purchases.

Digital advertising can benefit any business, especially when time warping is used.

Outdoor Digital Signage; The Possibilities Are Endless!

Outdoor digital signage solutions.

There is quite a maze of outdoor digital signage, so which one is right for your business?  Look at a few options to narrow down the choice, to make the right choice…

  • Who will benefit from an outdoor digital signage campaign?
  • Where is the best outdoor location?
  • When should the content be scheduled to run?
  • Why does it attract brand promotions?
  • How successful is outdoor digital signage?

DOOH is Outdoor digital signage.

outdoor digital signageCustomers will benefit from outdoor digital signage as well as the company sponsoring the advertisement! It’s a win-win situation. As DOOH – Digital Out Of Home adverts become more commonplace within our everyday lives, consumers are expecting to see it; with products and brands they recognise animated before their eyes. Questions are being asked as to why a brand or advertising company are NOT using DOOH – why aren’t they moving with the times??? A little research on the internet will reveal specific facts and figures about the revenue generated and the potential revenue in the future.

But where do you put an outdoor digital signage kiosk? Simply, where ever there is a high traffic area; either in a foot traffic zone, vehicle region or a place where hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes will see the digital ad. board. Think about how the traditional static hoardings influenced a buyers decision… well, the influence of a moving advertisement has increased sales by an enormous amount.

A practical solution to an old problem; replacing the posters on a regular basis. Just by the ‘click’ of a button, a new advert is revealed. Compare this against the labor intensive manpower of pasting a newly printed paper advertisement. What if there was a spelling mistake, color error, something changed after printing…. an expensive exercise, but as the digital poster content is created, any alterations can be corrected or adjusted whilst the promotion is still in place! Whilst only one static poster can be publicized at any one time, a digital option allows for the flexibility of several advertisements being displayed on a timed schedule – so multiply the revenue of one advert by 10! (you do the math!)

video walls for outdoor digital signageAny advertising promotion works well on a digital kiosk screen; whether it is a small plumbing company, through to a multi million dollar recognizable brand – each is suitable. But what size of screen will best suit my campaign? Digital screens or menu boards come in a wide range of sizes; don’t forget the measurement of a screen is taken on the diagonal, i.e. bottom left hand corner to top right hand corner. NOT from left to right on the horizontal or top to bottom on the vertical.

A quick search on the internet will show just how profitable DOOH advertising can be, so your product or service can be promoted in an innovative and evolutionary way, designed to increase your revenue, so will you be using outdoor digital signage?

Utilizing Projectors in Places of Worship

Projectors for the House Of God.

Digital projectors are being widely installed, in places of worship, they are used for a number of applications, from updating the congregation of fund raising efforts to how the money id dispersed throughout the community.  Let ProEnc Limited ( explain.

Some places of worship are serene, quiet and completive, where as the opposite can be said of others, particularly if they deploy (specific house of worship) digital projectors. Being able to play original sound tracks with a digital backing video screen adds ambiance and atmosphere and engages worshipers. Most professional stage productions would expect to use a laptop to co-ordinate and choreograph a production, which is just the same for religious productions. Many places aren’t lucky enough to have a full band or orchestra on a regular basis, like a Sunday worship, however by utilizing the effects created by digital projectors and video walls, a multi-player band can be created with visual effects.

Understanding projectors and the tecky part?

projectors for indoor useSound, lighting, colour and styles create a wonderful addition to the pastors traditional form of sermon based worship, by the addition of digital media technology and creative content; providing churches with the tools and technology to make a difference. Introducing the latest technology hardware and software enhances live performances for worship leaders and audience participation. House of worship digital projectors have been piloted throughout several different religious categories – all of which have found success in their areas of religion. Live worship services add another dimension with video wall backing and audio sound systems are proving very popular with priests and congregations alike. Meeting the specific needs of musicians and technical teams in churches has always been a concern; just how technical is it? The digital projector system can be tailored to suit your abilities, budget and needs. There would be some training required and there is ongoing web based technical support to help the volunteers set up, prepare and produce a magnificent production.

If you or your production team can use a typical power point presentation, then a church projector poses no problem. There are other points to consider, like:

  • What size of screen to use?
  • How will the projector be mounted?
  • What brightness will your place of worship need?
  • Is there suitable connectivity?
  • Bulb life?
  • Safety and security of the projector?

The most logical place to start is the screen size; this is calculated on the dimensions of the room. Too big and it is a waste or too small and it can’t be seen clearly – again a waste. Churches (or places of worship) vary from very bright places to very dark, with little sunlight, so the brightness of the projector has a great bearing on which model to choose to cope with your environment. Did you know, projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumen? A suitability for church rooms are between 3000 to 6500 lumen.

Nearly all projectors have the standard options for connectivity, like a PC or a DVD player has an HDMI output capability which may suit your needs. Alternatively the S-Video or composite connection will suffice. Bulb life is a considerable factor too, as replacement bulbs can be very expensive! So purchasing a projector with a guaranteed long bulb life will be a cost effective option. If you calculate 2000 hours being the average life span of a bulb, then you can calculate how many hours use the projector will switched on for, to make it economical. A suggested calculation (from an internet search) is: a 2000 hour bulb equals 30c per hour to run. *Bulb life is dependent on variations and circumstances within your building.

There are various mounting options; from wall mounted, a ceiling bracket or table top stands, but one important thought is security and safety of the projector – can it be damaged or stolen? An especially designed projector enclosure is the answer. It allows a clear view of the image, yet is locked away from harm or theft. Insurance companies are requesting evidence of protecting technical equipment.

So, there are many options to think about, but there are projectors that fit your needs, at a cost effective price.

Digital Signage Hardware Options From Interactive To Indoor.

Digital signage options.

When we experience digital signage, it should leave us feeling that we have had a good customer experience; this is one of the main reasons for dynamic advertising. We will look at the numerous options available to us.

Indoor digital signage hardware.

digital signage Electronic information boards, this is the most basic, yet fundamental part of digital signage. This hardware comprises of a display with an integral ad player, these are used in restaurants as digital menu boards mounted in a portrait position. These can also be used in reception areas to display content in landscape position, with a ticker at the bottom of the screen providing breaking news.

Free standing digital kiosks, similar to the electronic information board, yet built into a floor standing kiosk, using the same basic arrangement. These can be found in hotel receptions to provide information on local attractions, theater shows or even airport and transit information.

To update these basic advertising solutions, provide an almost identical solution but with a Cloud ad player to update using the Internet. The advantage of a cloud based solution is that the content can be updated anywhere a connection can be found and that is almost everywhere!

Outdoor digital signage hardware.

outdoor digital signageOutdoor digital signage hardware is slightly different, as it has to be resilient to the elements and potential physical threats. For example the displays used, have to be seen in even direct sunlight. The issue is these displays can be as bright as 5000 nits, this adds a large amount of investment for the hardware, but the return is as large if not larger!

Outdoor digital marketing solutions can be seen outdoors, from open shopping malls, airports to outdoor LED video walls outside of churches. This kind of marketing is increasing in high footfall locations.

Normally, the hardware has to be in some form of protective housing, that is weatherproof and vandal proof, this can be either a digital signage enclosure or an outdoor advertising kiosk. These usually feature high security solutions including improved door locks and vandal proof display windows. Content is often but not always updated with an internet connection, this allows organizations to deploy outdoor digital signage hardware anywhere in the world, but yet able to control the content from anywhere in the world.

Interactive digital signage.

When a client needs to learn more about their clients and what their clients may require in the future, this is when interactive digital signage comes in. Financial institute’s uses touch screen kiosks to learn how their clients need additional information for future investments.

Hotels use interactive digital signage hardware to provide information on events during the guests stay depending on what the client wants and how much money they have.

An interactive solution has a touch panel in front of the display, for indoor use it is usually either capacitive or resistive, but for outdoor digital advertising SAW is used, (Surface Acoustic Wave), the difference is someone with a glove can use the touch panel outdoors in any weather, but the other 2 solutions used for indoor use will be effected with the weather, especially when the weather drops below -5 degrees Celsius.

There are many solutions for digital or dynamic advertising, but understanding the hardware is essential. Hopefully this article on digital signage has helped.

Interactive Digital Signage Solutions Increase In Numbers

Interactive digital signage on the rise.

Digital signage hardware has been present in our lives for decades, but now interactive digital signage solutions are growing and growing fast. Discover how this hardware benefits retailers and the banking sector.interactive digital signage

Digital signage advantages.

We are constantly seeing digital advertising from every location, from airports to the hair salon, when digital advertisements are displayed on a flat panel display. But seeing them everywhere, diminishes their impact and there for the return on investment.

In the early days, the hardware was expensive, yet now a digital signage solution with everything included from the screen, media player and cables can cost as little as $1000. What makes this solution even better is that you do not need any special skills to create the content; there are many free templates online for you to customize and include your brand. Just drag and drop the content or sales message you want to convey and upload the media to the player – that couldn’t be simpler, right?

Studies for digital advertising.

In 2013 an independent study was carried out that concluded the digital signage market was becoming stagnant, and the industry had to do something fast, as nothing really separated the ads on the screens, the content may be different yet the viewers were acting less on the sales messages.

The report concluded that if the digital signage industry was to continue growing at the previous rate of growth, it had to engage more with customers, this was the birth of the age for interactive digital signage.

What is interactive digital signage.

Interactive digital signage was and still is a relatively new concept, the displays have a special front panel that is built in to the display, this has a special membrane that detects the exact zone to plus or minus 0.3mm – now that is accurate!

interactive digital signage wall mountThe media player is different than the previous solution as they are either Windows or Linux based small form factor PC’s. So the software can run easily and when someone touches an image on the display this opens a folder on the PC, taking the consumer to the content they have requested. Sounds confusing, but it isn’t.

This interaction with the content on the screen allows the user (or consumer), to get more data to make a buying decision.

For example a shoe store may promote a pre-launch of a new style of footwear, they can use this as an opportunity to find out what are the most requested colors, to prevent over stocking of a slow selling colour and maximize on profit by selling more popular colored shoes.

So the footwear manufacturer provides the content in 4 colour ways; red, black, yellow and tan. The content is promoted on the screens, giving ladies the chance to interact and pick their choice of colour, entering their cell phone number so they can receive updates when stock will in store, locked in with a 10% discount for participating in the interactive survey.

The consumer selects the colour they prefer and the information is stored on the PC, over a month the data is collated and the most popular colour of footwear for the new style is based on the input from the consumers. This allows the footwear manufacturer to get stock in store and then send text messages to the consumers who participated in the survey to purchase the shoes, they then can see profit from day 1 of a new launch.
It would be far better for any footwear manufacturer to sell out of all colors rather than have 20,000 pairs of a non-selling colour!

How touch screen signage benefits retailers and banking.

Now retailers and banking have realized that to profit and understand consumers’ needs for additional products, they need to engage with them, interactive digital signage allows this, quickly and simply.

Interactive digital signage can benefit retailers by only holding stock of popular, in demand products using this touch screen technology. So their stock holding can be turned to profit much quicker.

Banking interactive digital signage, allows customers to see what other services the bank can offer them, from ISA’s to investments. People may find they have a healthy pension pot and want to try the stock market with a medium risk investment. Using interactive kiosks, this is possible as all the information is there for the customer and they can even have the information emailed to them so they can read it at home.

We are all use touch screen smartphones, so an interactive digital signage kiosk is no different.

House of Worship Digital Signage Beneifts

Using house of worship digital signage.

House of worship digital signage hardware is increasingly being used in many religious centers, delivering information to the congregation and the community in their time of need and support.

Older places of worship have traditional values, like prayer books, Victorian hymns and paper leaflets for advertising dates and services, where as the opposite can be said of others, especially if they install specific house of worship digital signage. Being able to display information about upcoming events and services adds ambiance and atmosphere and involves worshipers. Most professional organizations would expect to use a laptop to create and upload content, which is just the same for religious buildings. Many places aren’t lucky enough to afford a multi-tech approach to worship, but by using a digital signage board, it is a good starting point and considering ongoing printing costs, is a cost effective way of engaging and empowering parishioners.

Traditional information delivery

Vibrant lighting, colour and styles create a wonderful addition to the pastors traditional form of leaflet based publications, by the addition of digital signage technology and creative content; providing churches with the tools and technology to make a difference. Introducing the latest technology hardware and software enhances the experience of worship for leaders and the audience. House of worship digital signage has been piloted throughout several different religious denominations – all of which have found success in their fields of religion. One question comes up every time, when churches consider installing a digital signage option has always been a concern; just how technical is it? The digital signage system used in houses of worship can be tailored to suit your ability, budget and needs.

religious digital signage

House of worship digital signage hardware.

By starting off with a digital media screen at the entrance to your place of worship, provides information, for example; dates and times of services, social events, children’s activities and useful contact numbers. This information can be updated at the click of a button and mainly uses an USB or flash drive for installing content and can be scheduled to run at any setting; from 24/7 through to energy saving times throughout the day or just in the evening. Research has shown digital video walls and screens erected throughout the church has encouraged attendance and charitable giving by a significant amount, offsetting the initial outlay costs. As each country and state may have different tax laws, as in America, as a rule non-profit organizations are tax exempt, which of course is a great saving, particularly if the church is relying on members donations. Alternatively, why not spread the word and contact local companies to ‘sponsor’ the installation of digital signage? Again, there may be beneficial tax advantages to the sponsors. It’s a win – win!

house of worship digital signageOne of the useful aspects about installing digital signage is that it is so adaptable; the content can be tailored to suit moods, seasons, the religious calender or on a more local level, a celebration dedicated to your place of worship. So whether your house of worship is a synagogue, mosque, church or just a room dedicated to religious worship, digital signage is the way forward to inform, entertain and involve your parishioners. This type of information delivery is increasing, due to many organizations using house of worship digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Software Review

Digital Signage Software – Paid Or Free?

When people mention the FREE word, they presume the product has little value, no longer is that the case! We recently tried 2 types of digital signage software, one free and one paid, with the free one coming out the best solution.

Paid Digital Signage Software.

Once you signed up for a 30 day trial, you also had to enter your credit card details; if you forget to cancel you will be charged. The software downloaded quickly and had an easy interface to use. But the main problem was you had to use one of their media players to store the content.

The issue here was the same specification ad player could be sourced locally for 30% less than the price from the software company.

The software once installed on the media player had a monthly cost associated with hosting it on the player, so the price started creeping up.

The software was great, easy to use and you could create eye candy digital menus for any QSR, but we found it restrictive for any other business sector.

Our reviewers gave the software 3 out of 5.

Free Digital Signage Software.

digital signage softwareSo now we tried the free version, with an open mind. The headline on their website states, “Digital Signage For Everyone.” We registered a free account and accessed the software. You can even use the internet to update remote content using this software providing it is on a small number of screens.

Benefits of is that you can use it across various platforms, from digital signage through to mobile out of home signage on mobile devices.

Options available mediaCloud (that we trailed) , we opened the free account and within 20 minutes of watching the tutorials we have created a media rich presentation. This package allows you to share the media on unlimited displays in a remote environment completely free!

You start off with a basic template that you edit to match your needs, add live weather, tickers and news feeds for a more informed solution.

There is an upgrade if you have content that MUST be seen constantly, this is privateMediaServer and is exactly as the basic package, but on your own private dedicated network server. Resulting in a completely owned and managed solution by you so if ownership is an issue within your business, this is the solution for you.

The tutorials are second to none for information and a step by step guides, for you to create the best digital signage campaign possible. If all else fails, you can try the support, which we did. They were prompt, professional even though we asked very novice questions (on purpose). And they provided excellent support.

We found the free version was truly free and one of the best digital signage software packages we have used.

Renting Digital Signage Vs Purchasing

Is renting digital signage a viable option?

Let’s look at the options of renting digital signage verses the outright purchase of the hardware by leading digital signage provider Digital Signage Systems Limited.

renting digital signageBudget is certainly an influencing factor, or at least look at it as ‘try before you buy’, position and location is another. The suggested position may not be suitable, so trying it out with a rental unit will confirm the right site. You may find the size of screen to small or too big, but by renting digital signage hardware you can test without the financial commitment.

With so many empty premises (due to high rents) the term ‘ pop-up’ shop, store or restaurant has become very popular, as there is little commitment. Therefore renting digital signage is a perfect and cost effective solution to promote your business, aim at a particular demographic which will be influenced into making a purchase. The point of digital signage advertising is to reach your target audience, with an impact upon the promotion from a diverse and versatile media of advertising along with creative content software. It also suits many other applications like; a company launch, temporary event or exhibition and even weekend music festivals!

There is sure to be a model which suits your requirements; floor standing pillar, kiosk or pedestal and the additional option of a wall mounted electronic display screen. Sizes vary from 1683 cm in height and are of an ergonomic state-of-the-art design. Interactive screens are an additional feature which is appealing to customers, giving them a point of contact and empowering them to make selections. The screens create a professional impression and are less expensive then salaried staff standing around a trade stand (and they don’t leave for a break). Rental plans are generally flexible, don’t forget to account for the time of installation and removal, but this will be part of the rental package. 1 day hire is a possibility, but most businesses choose to hire by the week.

Networked solutions used when renting digital signage.

These digital signage screens are high-tech; right up to date with the demands of the modern business world. Most models will include 3 USB ports and 1 LAN port, have a substantial hard drive, branded processor, 2GB memory with the option to upgrade and a wireless network, to make life easy. It also has a Windows XP/7 operating system, which suits many applications. The screens are clear and high definition for excellent quality and also interactive screens can be hired. (Screens are measured on the diagonal; bottom left corner to top right corner for an accurate size).

Digital signage screens offer an innovative method of connecting with customers, providing information and are a unique platform for promoting products and services.

Don’t get left behind in the competitive race of advertising or branding. So, next time your company is planning an event, exhibition or product launch, do the research on line and inquire about digital signage hire, as renting digital signage hardware is cost effective.

Digital Signage in Churches

Digital Signage Solutions.

Digital signage in churches? Well, where ever next! But of course digital signage is a source of information and wherever there are people; information needs to be at hand.

Digital signage offers many facets which can enhance the visitor’s experience. From a simple notice board publishing the services: – to an interactive kiosk, which can offer more complex options. These may include a way-finding screen with an interactive map of both the inside and outside spaces of the religious building. Communication between church members and visitors is vital to the running of the center.

digital signage kiosk

Benefits for churches using digital signage.

Digital signage in churches is so versatile it can be tailored to suit any religion, site and can be adaptable for indoor or outdoor use. The viewing screen can be mounted from a ceiling, wall or pillar, alternatively concreted into the floor, whilst the hardware can be housed in a security enclosure for protection against damage – willful or otherwise. Accidents can always happen and vandalism is not only inconvenient, but spoils the environment for other visitors. Ensuring the digital signage is secure, protects the initial investment of the digital signage package.

Broadcasting live or pre-recorded sermons or complete services are another option to make the most of the digital signage in churches. Infomercials can communicate calendar events, diary dates and last minute notices with minimum effort. Community projects can be highlighted for publicity, participation and recognition. Digital signage in churches also highlights the need for donations, as an advertising campaign can raise awareness of charities or organizations in need of contributions. Also it promotes recruiting volunteers, donors and sponsors.

Videos and website information can be displayed on the digital signage, which can be updated/altered or withdrawn at a moments notice. An enormous amount of archive information can be stored and displayed – depending of course on the size of the memory within the hardware. It can also offer crucial emergency information from fire escape routes to life-saving first aid advice.

All this technology for a nominal investment – places of worship are focusing on evolving digital signage, so as not to be left in the dark ages.

Investing in Electronic Menu Boards

ROI for electronic menu boards.

An investment into electronic menu boards is a big step, but worthwhile in the evolving market, where any advantage or tool to promote a product or service is crucial for a share of the economy. It may mean replacing the entire traditional menu – on paper or card and displayed in a plastic frame, with a state of the art LCD electronic menu display board, or a combination of flat screens – whichever suits your location and sales strategy.

QSR electronic menu boardsBuilding an digital menu board uses comprehensible hardware from specialist companies, who can provide exactly what your company needs to illustrate your product, merchandise or service. An adaptable software package including templates allows a flexible solution to creating a successful advertising campaign.

Benefits of electronic menu boards in QSR’s.

The benefit of running scheduling software on the electronic menus offers a changeable menu, which incorporates changing prices, offers and selections at preset times of the day – this is a prime example of a fast food restaurant, where the three main meal groups all have different pricing applications and where daily offers bring in extra customers. These changes can be preset with-in the software, for what is known as scheduling.

The configuration of these electronic menu boards allows any number of LCD or flat panel screens to be used within the establishment, or externally – depending on the requirement. It is worth noting that only industrial manufactured digital posters/electronic signs have the ability to display the created software – a household TV or personal computer will not be suitable. These dynamic advertising menu boards have integral media players (which can not be removed and replaced with a cheaper solution!). It is possible to position 2, 3 or more screens to be placed side by side, or above/below each other to display an advertising campaign. These can be located at strategic places within a store (point of sale is ideal), entrance to a shopping mall or outside a dinning outlet.

electronic menu boards for QSRs

Digital menu boards have so many more uses too – they can promote a partner company’s merchandise, product or service, bringing in additional revenue, or display local attractions, weather or events. Being able to quickly promote a special deal, or update a price appeals to the passing public who will take advantage of a discount. While you wait and think about an investment into electronic menu boards – your competitors may already be ordering them!

How an outdoor LCD enclosure can protect displays outdoors

Can an outdoor LCD enclosure protect outdoor TVs?

No matter if you’re putting an outdoor TV in your backyard, the best solutions is an outdoor LCD enclosure that provide security and safety all year round. These can be used in outdoor digital signage applications or just in your own back yard.

In the early days, many people who could afford to put a TV in their backyard went for the expensive, waterproof TVs that could be left outside all year round, but as soon as the technology of LCD displays became affordable and within everyone’s reach, the protective TV housing appeared on the market allowing home owners to put a TV in almost every backyard in America and Australia! Why not, when the weather is good, we want to spend time with our family and one of the best ways is outdoors, entertaining. Now anyone can afford to put a TV in their backyard, is no longer exclusive for the wealthy, reported LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc.

Then we saw a rise in digital signage and it suddenly started sprouting outdoors, in locations that we thought impossible before, this is due to the protective, digital signage enclosure, these are similar to the home TV housing but are designed to accommodate sunlight readable screens, even in direct sunlight. The unique thing about these units, is that they can be mounted upright or landscape, to fit any dynamic advertising opportunity. Now we see bars, restaurants deploying these outdoors, so customer scan see the menu and bar list before they go into the building. Digital signage outdoors is growing year on year and who knows where it will end.

outdoor lcd enclosureThe units are made from metal, welded to provide a weatherproof solution, then the units are pickled, taking any scale off, so the powder paint can adhere to the metal casing. The housing is then fitted with a cooling and heating system so the hardware is kept at the right temperature irrelevant what the outside temperature is, so it could be snowing or baking hot! The door to the unit is locked with specifically designed locks not locks that can be accessed easily, otherwise the door may as well be left open! The hardware will be damaged, stolen or even hacked!

Dependent on the location, you will also have to think about how you are going to mount the housing, some outdoor display enclosures comes with external mounts so they can be mounted to third party wall mounts and stands, without having to buy expensive brackets that only fit that manufacturers unit. These have to also be heavy duty as the total weight of the unit complete with a screen inside is 110lbs and that will need some support! To the structure or wall the outdoor digital sign is being installed on has to be substantial to support the sign, the last thing you want is the screen falling to the floor!

Cabling the outdoor LCD enclosure simple, if mounted on a wall, the cables can be concealed within the wall, or if mounted on a pole outdoors, the cables, for power and data can be fed through the pole and into the protective housing through the waterproof cable grommets. Some protective housings do not have this facility and recommend that you drill into the plastic housing base, on the basis rain cannot go upwards, but in heavy thunder storms, we have seen the plastic housings fill will water, causing the displays and advertisement player to fail.

Securing the digital signage enclosure is essential, to ensure the life of the display is as long as possible. Selecting an outdoor LCD enclosure with the wrong locks is as back as selecting an outdoor TV housing without any locks!

The best protective enclosures are fitted with high security locks, the units that have any other locks, such as compression locks are vulnerable and can be opened easily by rudimentary items found in a child’s kindergarten pencil case. And this is the last thing you need when you have planned your advertising solution and campaign, to find the displays stole! Who will pay for the replacements?

Cooling and heating is another vital essential within these units, as this is what the display and ad player will rely on to keep them in the best shape possible. Too hot and the screen will blacken and fail, to cold and the heat from the display will cause condensation within the housing and the advertising hardware failing. The better solutions have an integral cooling and heating system that are set to operate 24×7, this ensures the hardware is at the right temperature at any time of the day, without an engineering having to visit site. Any other solutions that do not have both heating and cooling fitted as standard, needs to be given a wide birth, as this is an accident waiting to happen.

Things to watch out for, when selecting an outdoor LCD enclosure.

Stay clear of protective plastic enclosures, as in the heat when the display is running and the door is locked (who would leave it open anyway…) the heat inside the housing is stored in the plastic body and when the sun goes down, the heat is then released into the housing, causing the display to have condensation build up on the internal components, rusting. It is only a short time until the TV fails to work, especially when these units have only a small packet of silica gel to absorb moisture inside the TV box. Over a short period of time, the silica gel becomes saturated and the supplier recommends that you put the sachet in the oven to dry out, who is going to do this on a regular basis?

Air curtains are used in some protective display housings, to circulate the air around the window in the enclosure door and the display screen, if the gap is too small from the display to the window, the hot air is trapped and caused blackening of the screen, this is why an air curtain is offered – as the gap is too small. If the air curtain is not taken, the screen will fail however the ownership is then down to the buyer for not purchasing the air curtain. Air curtains are usually found on very thin enclosures or ill designed units where the gap is just to small from the front of the display to the viewing window.  Now you know some inside secrets for providing the best in an outdoor LCD enclosure.

Versatile Video Walls

Video walls for digital signage advertising.

One of the most common places for video wall installations are retail areas; like stores, malls, transportation and sporting events. Not only do the video wall screens broadcast information, like time, weather, scores and travel timetables, they are the perfect platform for advertising or branding. The attraction provides a huge viewing area, which attracts every demographic – young/old, rich/poor, from all walks of life. One of the key factors is the size, particularly when set out side by side to create a single large visual. Of course the screens can be run independently, but both options are covered using video walls, as the fitting of the bezels allows for the displays to sit juxtaposition creating an amazing visual effect.

video wallsResearch and studies into the effects of digital signage using video walls has shown to significantly increase the high profit margins which can be eared through advertising contracts. The growth within this market place is huge and so digital signage manufacturers, signage software developers and installers or system integrators are highly motivated by the profits, to provide the evolving software and hardware to ad companies, branding marketers and end users (store owners).

It is quite a mind-field trying to understand and get to grips with the technology, which changes frequently. There are thin bezels, mounting options, interactivity facilities and plug-n-play options; does the area have a power supply, HDMI access, internet connection – wireless or otherwise? When placing the screens edge to edge to format into a single giant image, consideration must be given to the heat distribution given off by screens ON, possibly up to 15 hours a day.

Are video walls versatile?

Video walls are a versatile and effective method of getting the message across – just watch, next time you are in the airport or shopping mall at the number of people who stop and watch a video promotion on a huge screen… and then head off to the store…

The screen image quality is improving all the time, as high definition and software evolve, from whatever angle and in whatever light – even direct sunlight, the images can be seen. Obviously logic plays a huge factor as with the logistical nightmare of getting cables, wall or ceiling brackets installed and the AV installers able to access the suitable site.

The costs are easily recouped, as supporting businesses and brands purchase advertising space and of course once the outright purchase of the software and hardware is complete, the rest is profit and can be offset against future upgrades, so are video walls versatile?

Digital Menu Boards: A Healthy Menu Returns a Healthy Profit on Investment

Digital Menu Boards and their uses.

digital menu boardsHealth conscious diners are able to access the ‘state-of-the-art’ digital menu boards at fast food restaurants, giving them the freedom to make a healthier choice, for their dietary needs. Being able to display the data on an electronic LCD or LED board, gives far more nutritional detail than any printed or static board could ever offer. Menu options can be updated in real time, meaning that is something changes; stock levels, a substitute product with a different calorific value is replaced, the customer is still able to eat healthier than the traditional fayer of the fast food diner. Strict labeling laws are far easier to include and incorporate within the company’s electronic menu display, and at the click of a button, rather than having a new poster printed:

  • preparation of the layout of the printed poster
  • time delays of displaying the new information
  • rising printing costs
  • correcting printing mistakes due to human error
  • as soon as you have the new poster – something is out of date!
  • new poster display frames; many of which are damaged and fall apart

and there is NOTHING worse than having a hand written correction over the print!

ROI for digital menu boards.

The RoI, although not guaranteed, has shown to have a significant increased income and the potential for growth as technology evolves, is boundless. Research has been carried out with the largest chain restaurants, who have presented their data to prove the additional income and how digital signage and digital menu boards increase profitability.

One area where digital menu boards are most successful is for branding; offering a particular brand or product directly to the customer is influential for the consumer to make a purchase. Thin about the cost saving implications – OK, there is the initial investment for the hardware (screens and protection) and software (operating system and content), but weighed up over time, the saving is a significant amount and comparable with ongoing printing and replacement costs. Customers are expecting to see digital menu boards at their favorite fast food restaurant, so if you’re a bit slow on the uptake, you may just get left behind. Another thought is that you (the company) ha a digital menu board, but your competitor across the way does not; customers are going to cross to your side of the street out of interest for the electronic board.

The content plays a major role in appealing to passing trade. We’ve all seen a boring static printed poster – what a waste of money, so creating a dynamic and eye catching advertisement will draw in the crowds. Whether the content is created in-house; with the right software program or outsourced to a dedicate advertising agency, the end result is to increase sales and the bottom line by using digital menu boards.

Weighing Up the Cost of Investing in Digital Signage

ROI for Digital Signage.

How economical is it to buy cheap digital signage, rather than invest a significant sum of money into a quality system; bearing in mind the staggering rate at which technology is evolving. So how do you get a quality system with out overspending?

digital signageThere are several ways to look at this:

1. Commercial-grade screens V Consumer-grade screens.

The reality of the business recognizes the budget of the customer and whilst display screen manufacturers would ideally sell the high-end specifications to every user, they’re conscious of costs, so provide a range of digital signage electronic displays; from a basic model though to screens capable of coping with tough elements and conditions. Ask what is the customer hoping to achieve and find a solution to meet these requirements. Plan for the long term; how many hours will the screen last – is it going outside – will there be protection – does the customer really need all the fancy applications? In many cases, a commercial grade screen will be the answer, as it offers a simple yet cost effective solution.

2. Digital Signage now comes with lower power consumption rates

Currently most digital signage displays are back-lit, which importantly lowers the electrical consumption rate, in turn costing less to run, but consider if it is economical to invest in a digital signage advertising display now or wait until LED technology has advanced even further…but when is the right time? It is evolving all the time… A good example is the small neighborhood store running one or two displays, but compared against a department store running many screens; the energy saving rate is greater for the department store, but who has the money to invest in the first place? There will be a breakthrough for all retailers shortly because of this advancement in technology.

3. Can you really justify customers overpaying for extras like screen brightness and unnecessary features?

Screen quality is of course important, but is brightness really an issue? It does impact cost, but as time goes on, cost and quality will be comparable . However, from a life expectancy point of view, commercial panels will definitely last longer than consumer-grade ones because of the design for heavy duty usage and the rigorous and hazardous environments it may have to cope with.

While technology advances at a scary rate, the main considerations are the application and the suitability of the location, surroundings and usage of the screens. Manufacturers such as are confident in their products and you will find the main ones will offer up to 6 years warranty. Digital signage screens are becoming thinner and lighter, which makes installing much easier, but does it mean less robust against the elements?

With 4k screens on the way, should you start your ad campaign now or wait? It’s a hard question to answer, but do your homework and think about the costs of the hardware and software now, against the price rise of the next step in technology. Which ever way you look at it; it is certainly a well made investment and one which will increase revenue significantly, so digital signage is the way forward.

What a crazy world digital signage is

We have all seen some digital signage solutions that have made us think, why? At least digital signage is making us think and question things. Read on for some crazy ways, electronic signage is being used.

digital signage kioskMarijuana digital signage kiosk, yes you read correct! These electronic advertising kiosks can be seen in Eagle-Vail Colorado, as long as the buyer has a valid driving license, they can purchase marijuana direct from the kiosk. This is the first time this kind of drug has been sold. The adverts are controlled, so they can be monitored, edited or updated from a remote location, even a different country. Here dispensers can update their advertising content on the fly, almost within seconds if stock of a particular item has become sold out, with overstock items, this maximizes revenue for the dispensary.

Urinal digital signage is another crazy idea, these have been seen in some restrooms and have been used for promoting bar offers. One thing is for sure, the urinal electronic sign will have men’s attention whilst they are open to entertainment and information marketing. These ads are played through smaller than normal displays and the content is updated through a network media player, so content can be updated remotely with some basic units being updated with a flash drive. These advertisements help bars increase their revenue, by promoting happy hours for drinks, or bye one get one free.

Gold dispensing kiosks have been deployed in Dubai and the US, here you can go and purchase a bar of pure gold, providing you have enough money! The gold bars are .999 percent pure gold, one shopping mall in Baco Raton Florida has had one of these machines installed due to the wealthy community. The kiosk is connected to the internet, to update the exact rate of gold at any time, this takes around 90 seconds. The gold bullion bars range in price between $140 and $1,399 depending on the size of the bar, security is high, especially when the kiosk is being emptied of cash and filled with gold bars!

Digital signage and Skype, with over 500 million Skype users globally, these digital signage kiosks are a way in which users can keep in touch, even a Lancashire University has one of these Skype electronic signage kiosks, so students can keep in touch using Skype to Skype with family and friends for free, anywhere in the world. The units are unique, in that they display ads before a call is made, catching the eyes of the users. Once the user is logged in and step out of the kiosk, the user is automatically logged off, when Skype users are logged on, the floor turns green and when it is empty it is a blue color.

As you can see there are many crazy uses for electronic signage, now you can see how mind blowing some of these units are, would anyone think a kiosk could dispense gold or even marijuana? Personally, I never thought that day would come, yet it is here. More information on digital signage can be seen at:

Outdoor digital Signage Using A Digital Signage Enclosure

Digital signage is booming and needs to constantly move forward, this is why a digital signage enclosure is a good idea, as it provides protection for the costly hardware and ensures there is a ROI.

outdor digital signageDigital signage hardware is mainly designed and produced for indoor use, yet using the same hardware would be ideal for any company, the issue is that the jump in costs for indoor to outdoor hardware is vast and depending on whom you talk to can be an increase of as much as 80%! So installing indoor units outdoors is a cost effective and common practice, but the main challenge to overcome is how you intend on protecting the hardware. As the external elements can vary from country to country and state to state, 1 country may experience frequent snow falls, another may experience temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. All this has to be considered.

Hence the birth of the digital signage enclosure, this is a steel protective housing that provides protection from the weather, no matter if it’s snow or extremely high temperatures as well as physical attacks by vandals. The best solutions include high security locks to prevent unauthorized access; otherwise the units with cam locks are simply opened with anything from a screwdriver or ruler! Some protective housing also accommodate sunlight readable displays, now these high bright screens are available in brightness from 2500 to 5000 cd/m2 and comparing them to indoor displays you can why they are so effective and popular. An indoor display can have up to 1000 candelas.

These units can be mounted directly to a wall, on to a small plinth stand or be completely floor standing. This type of installation is popular as both power and data cables can enter the protective, digital signage enclosure through the free standing plinth or through the rear of the enclosure. Making the cables inaccessible to the general public, preventing them interfering with the digital signage solution. One thing is for sure, when sunlight readable displays are used, the cost van range from $7000 to $23,000 depending on the size of the display, so the outdoor, digital signage enclosure has to have adequate heating and cooling, to prevent this expensive hardware failing. So here the main focus of the protective housing is to ensure life longevity of the display.

So when a company is committed to outdoor digital signage, there are solutions that do include using indoor hardware in a protective, digital signage enclosure. These protective units are usually more cost effective than having an armed guard stand watch over the hardware or advertising system, just in case some yobs pass and try to harm the display. These can also be color matched to the corporate image of the company who is advertising, so when people see the digital signage system they relate straight away to the company brand, for example when you see 2 C’s back to back in gold what brand you recall? Chanel of course.

Understanding What Digital Signage Systems are

Digital signage systems vary widely, from simple components to complicated digital signage networks, were hundreds of screens are controlled from one central office. Let us look at what hardware is available and how it is put together, to form a complete solution that wows the viewers.

The simplest solution is the LCD advertising player; this is also referred to as a digital poster. These are a display that has an integral ad player built into the display, this saves space and costs. These are available in varying screen sizes, and the screens can be mounted both landscape and portrait, to fit into the area best suited for the advertising system. These electronic noticeboards are easy to use and the content is simple to update, as the advertising player has software built in that controls the dwell time, (how long each ad runs for), the system can even be configured to auto switch on an off at pre-set times, using the scheduling software.

lcd ad player

The drawback with the LCD ad player is that the content has to be created on a computer then dragged and dropped on to a removable rive and inserted into the USB connector in the ad player, then the hardware does the rest, by over righting the content on the internal hard drive, with the content on the removable drive. Imagine the headache, if you had 10 of these units in any 1 location!

Freestanding digital signage is the next range to look at; these again come in differences and uses. From indoor to outdoor advertising kiosks, they can be used in almost any high footfall environment. These come in 2 options, either a networked solution so the advertising content can be updated using a digital signage network, or the lower cost with the built in media player.

Interactive digital signage systems are a new development and are used regularly in hotels and on campuses to direct people around these large areas, so we do not get lost or enter a meeting room in error. Some sophisticated units also send the directions to your cell phone, to direct you around the location.

Video walls are a new digital advertising solution; the units are made up from panels of lights in clusters of 3 colors. Then when connected to a controller the advertising content can be displayed across the panels, this is a modular system so it can be as large or small as you wish within reason. These are ideal for outdoor locations, in high bright locations. The brightness of the LED panels can be as bright as 10,000 cd/m2, but the best part is these are adjustable, so the brightness can be turned down or up within the range of 4000 to 10,000 cd/m2.

Digital Signage – The New Advertising Solution

Advertising has always been necessary for businesses to success, but in this modern day work of technology, we have to think for a moment, as digital signage is the new advertising solution, but let us take a look at the advertising industry.

As we all know, business advertising is needed to ensure profits are constantly coming into the business, without the profit there is no money to pay staff or shareholders, and the business is a failure. Advertising has always been the life blood of a business and is used to persuade and encourage prospects to take action and this can include purchasing the product or service offered. A survey reported in 2010 that the advertising spend for American businesses was in excess of $140 billion and globally $460 billion. Advertising has come a long way since the Egyptians and their papyrus.

In the 1920’s saw companies using radio as their main form of advertising, many local and regional radio stations, realized they could make an income from selling commercials during shows, this helped the stations increase revenue and provided a win-win situation for both advertiser and radio station. This was the first real sponsorship for a business on a commercial radio station.

In the 50’s saw the introduction of television, this was the birth of TV commercials, usually small advertising spots, mainly for household products. The FCC was created and this was the boom for all American’s watching TV, as they saw moving pictures on a TV screen. Dumont TV network was the original TV commercial broker, selling advertising spots up to 30 seconds. That is still done this day, on networks such as Comcast, some advertisers even use whiteboard animated videos to engage with prospects.

digitalsignageNow let us jump to today, we see businesses advertising everywhere, from in-store advertising, street furniture advertising, to vehicle advertising, no place is safe! But digital signage is here to stay and is the most modern way to display product information. Many brands are using digital signage to promote their brand, this also in turns builds brand awareness with viewers. So when they have a new product, these people with interest will be keeping an eye on the digital signage hardware.

Digital signage hardware comes in all forms, from wall mounted and free standing units, use indoors and out. Some are touchscreen, to enhance customer engagement. Let us see what the future brings for us and digital signage. This market changes almost on a daily basis, with new, innovative products.



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Digital signage hardware has changed greatly in the past 4 years, this is where DOOH LTD come into their own. In this time we have seen a huge growth in outdoor dynamic, advertising and a huge change in technology used.

DOOH USA started off in 2009 manufacturing outdoor, protective LCD enclosure solutions for commercial grade displays. They had success supplying major football stadiums across the USA from their New Jersey location.

Initially some businesses owners where using standard TV’s, that we would usually see at home, however they soon discovered that these domestic grade screens where not up to the job with the screens failing and having to be replaced.

In 2010 the electronic advertising industry wanted to put everything outdoors, this is when outdoor kiosks where deployed including touch panels, so prospects could engage with the ads. Some units where used as directional way finding units, to navigate people around a campus or building complex. Usually the most common sizes are 47″ to 65″, normally the larger the screen, the more successful the advertising projects are.

In 2011, the media players changed from USB to network enabled media players. These allow clients to be able to run ad management software and see how successful the individual ad campaigns are, dropping the less successful ones and increasing the most profitable adverts. These network enabled ad players, can be daisy chained together to control multiple screens across a digital signage network, that then can be controlled from one single location that does not necessarily have to be in the same city, or even country. All that is needed to control and update the kind of digital advertising hardware is an internet connection.

The digital marketing industry in later 2011, saw a large rise in hotel digital advertising, when landscape digital signs where deployed in hotels and conference centers.

interacitve digital signIt has been proven that this type of advertising is excellent to interactive with guests and increase their guest experience with the hotel, resulting in the hotels guests returning time and time again.

In 2012, the world’s eye where on London England for Her Majesty The Queens Jubilee and the London Olympics, this was an excellent opportunity for the world to see the best in outdoor digital advertising. DOOH LTD took their outdoor digital signage totem to the center point of the Olympic Park. Almost every business within 30 miles of the Olympic Park had invested in to electronic advertising.

In 2013, we saw tablets being used in various locations from restaurants through to small mom and pop stores due to the cost effectiveness of the tablets on the market. Towards the end of 2013, sunlight readable displays dominated the industry, with both LG and DynaScan being the leading manufactures in high bright screens.

DOOH LTD have come a long way in past 4 years and their product range has grown from the LCD enclosures they started with to including outdoor, sunlight readable digital signage enclosures that can be seen at